The Masters® Story

When and Why?

It all began in 2009, when The Masters® began to help those who are “weaker” in our community.

Those who cannot make it alone, need guidance. They need to be supported down the path of discovery and personal development, whilst learning to utilise their own talent and abilities in order to become a fully-fledged and accepted member of society...
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How? And the way forward.
An innovative movement was set in motion, which after experimentation and development has led to the discovery of new approaches to social and economic issues within the care system.
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Results and The Masters® 2018
Since its conception five years ago, The Masters® movement has continuously developed its methods and is now seen as a “game-changer” within the care sector..
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The Masters® Philosophies


Some of the fundamental philosophies which guide The Masters movement, include the beliefs that:

  • All men are equal, being normal is non existent, we are all different;
  • People want to be involved in decisions that affect them;

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The Masters® Academy & Social Firm

Are you normal?

No. You’re different, just like us. Nobody is the same but everyone gets the same equal opportunity to join. Together we work on the "art of the new life together".
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The Academy cannot exist without the Social Firm.

The Social Firm is those at The Masters® who are in direct contact with the stakeholders and partners. Ranging from institutions, owners of property which have civic potential, entrepreneurs, residents, municipality and the province.
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Masters® Home & Wijkhuis

The Masters® Home

Is one of the further developed concepts by The Masters®. In this form of accommodation, self-rule in living, working and welfare is central..
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The Masters® Wijkhuis

The “Wijkhuis” or “neighbourhood house” is what we call the freely accessible part of the home, where neighbourhood residents can eat, have meetings and make presentations. Residents work in the home so that they can learn on the job, this experience will help them to live and work independently in the future.
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“Passend wonen, community building en betekenisvol ondernemen in de wijk onder één dak”

Bent u of kent u iemand die interesse heeft in het wonen in de nieuwe woonvorm “Masters® Home” of heeft u interesse om te werken in het Wijkhuis? Neem contact op!

The Masters® Services & Care

Is an entrepreneurial cooperative which works within the neighbourhood to get care and help closer to home and make it possible for all local residents to have access to what is an easily recognised, reachable and always accessible service point.

The system functions by integrated collaboration between healthcare services, local social groups and individual supporters of the service. Resulting in an effective and efficient care system to a localised area.

There are currently two Masters Service & Care points, by the end of 2018 we aim to have nine fully functional and in operation.

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Stichting The Masters®

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  4. ANBI

Giften gedaan aan goeddoelinstellingen zijn aftrekbaar van het belastbaar inkomen als de instelling aangemerkt is als algemeen nut beogende instelling (ANBI). Met de zoekfunctie van de Belastingdienst dient u voordat u een schenking doet te controleren of (de door u gedane) schenkingen aftrekbaar zijn. Vanzelfsprekend dient de schenking aan een anbi ook te voldoen aan alle overige eisen van de Belastingdienst


Samen kunnen we het zelf
"Focus on building the new, not fighting the old"

The Masters® Community Network

Where do you find the best ideas, the most creative, effective or efficient solutions to social issues? Which projects are in progress around the world? How do you find what the best practice is? Where are they? How do you get in touch with them? These are questions we have been asking ourselves for years.

The Masters® are connecting and uniting people, organisations and governments so that we can learn, share ideas and work together. This way we will learn, develop and change together. Advances in technology means the world is getting smaller.

By using "social media" we are now able to reach and connect with the entire world. The Masters® is building a network of existing and emerging initiatives that add value to society or otherwise are of value to the betterment of the community.

Are you interested? Or do you belong to an initiative or organisation that wants to acquire or share knowledge, expertise or ideas? If so, please contact The Masters® and participate in "The Masters Community".

Friends & Partners

Friends of The Masters®

A friend is someone who brings the best out of you. They are always there for you when you need them most. They are your council when you are faced with difficult decisions or they help bear the weight of your problems. They are always invited to celebrations or special occasions. They surprise you with unexpected kindnesses that make you feel special. 
As a friend of The Masters®, you embrace the mindset of change and share our ethos. You'll never be alone because "The Masters Community" is growing and everyone is welcome at The Masters®. This way you will meet new friends and form connections for the future, whilst also being kept up to date with the latest developments. You are welcome here, sign up and be part of it!


They are suppliers, organisations and stakeholders that contribute in some way to the development of The Masters. They offer internships or trainees, 

give advice, work voluntarily, or they are helping us build MastersHomes or Masters Services & Care points in the district. Partners support us and share the responsibility of what we are trying to achieve. Without Partners, The Masters® would not have been able to realise its many initiatives. Our partners help us bring ideas to life.


Sponsors make a financial contribution to the creation of something they believe in. Fortunately, investing in the improvement and the development of social infrastructure is an investment that always pays off. Our special thanks to the contributions by companies and governments, you have helped The Masters® in its growth and that of the movement. We would like to invite you to become a sponsor of The Masters®. You will find our data under the "The Masters Foundation" button.

Thank you!


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